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At Planetcare we emphasise thinking green to ensure that recycling saves our planet. We specialise in waste management with emphasis on paper and plastics.

Our services include:

Collection of recyclables

Supply of equipment and consumables for effective and efficient gathering of recyclables

Training and education on recycling

Confidential document collection and destruction

Waste minimization for the community and other stakeholders

  • We align with SMME’s in the recycling industries that are more suited to collect from schools and office parks and have a wider reach into townships.
  • Creating awareness through informative and educational material that will be developed and distributed to the schools and companies.
  • We also conduct talks to the learners / employees on the importance and benefits of recycling.

Monitoring, Review & Reporting

  • PlanetCare is committed to reporting to local municipalities and the Department of Environmental Affairs.
  • Weighbridges are calibrated as per the regulation and certificates displayed in the weighbridge offices.
  • Motor vehicle fitness tests are done as per the regulation and licensed annually.



Tons of good quality, re•usable materials get wasted daily. If these are not recycled, they end up occupying the already depleting landfill space and steadily degrade. adding to the levels of greenhouse gases In the air we breathe. By recycling, we reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere.


The collection, sorting and processing of recyclables plays a vital role in formal and informal job creation. An informal collector could start the day without a cent in his pocket and by the end of the day have enough money for an evening meal for his family.


Recycled paper fibre Is an important raw material in the production of packaging and tissue products. Some 65% of the country's paper mills depend on recycled fibre and a number of them use it as their only fibre source.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan